Tire Sealants In Industrial/Mining Applications

30 July 18

Tire Sealants In Industrial/Mining Applications

Tyre sealant is a viscous fiber impregnated liquid solution that is injected into the tyre through the valve stem. In the event of puncture in the tread area, the tyre sealant instantly and permanently seals the injury without the vehicle stopping.  It also seals other causes of air loss such as rim or bead leaks, or the porosity of natural rubber.

Once installed, tyre sealant provides continuous protection and reduces tyre temperatures for the life of the tyre, both tubed and tubeless types. The tyre is thus protected from any future tread punctures or other air leaks. Tyre sealant also prevents rusting or corroding of steel wheels. By maintaining correct air pressure, tyre sealant could extend the tyre tread life up to 25% or more. Tyre sealant is water soluble for easy clean-up which allows tyre recapping when desired.

Industrial grade tyre sealants are designed to seal punctures in the tread area caused by objects up to 16 mm in diameter.

Besides reducing tyre puncture related costs & down-time, it also increases tyre service life and on treated vehicles