We have two in-house 250T tire presses complete with all necessary tools required for quick and safe mounting & de-mounting of solid tires ranging from 4.00-8 to 23.5-25

Tire press tool

Tire Filling is a process in which a pneumatic tire is injected & pressurized with a special 2 component urethane polymer in a precise proportion using a special metering pump. The polyurethane cures into a soft, resilient, synthetic rubber core replacing the air in the tire.
The resultant filled tire is thus rendered puncture proof and maintains the required pressure throughout its service life. PU Filled tires have a full footprint & are capable of carrying their rated load at all times.
The soft core is designed to provide a ride similar to air-filled pneumatic tires.
Product Features & Benefits

  • Puncture Proof & Maintenance Free
  • Enhanced Man & Machine Safety
  • Better Ballast in overload conditions
  • Extended Limp-in Capability
  • Suitable for vehicles with a maximum operating speed of 90 Km/hr & Industrial equipment for which semi- solid tires are not available

Typical Applications

  • Access Equipment
  • Defense & Paramilitary
  • Port & Harbor
  • Open Cast Mining & Quarrying
  • Steel Mills
  • Underground Mining

For machines such as tractors and harvesters, ATV’s, Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers and certain mining equipment where tires are puncture prone but it is not practical to use solid tires or foam fill. Tires can be filled with a heavy duty tire sealant that makes them puncture resistant against the intrusion of sharp and penetrating objects as broken glass, nails, screws, splinters, and other foreign metal objects, thereby eliminating the fear of losing tire pressure.
The sealant is capable of sealing instantly any puncture on the tread up to 16mm in diameter. The sealant also effectively seals any porosity in the tire, thereby ensuring that recommended tire pressure is maintained over longer periods which increase tire life. This product is ideally suited for tubeless tires.

Tires mounted on “Off-Road” vehicles are exposed to extremely tough conditions. Particularly in stony mine areas cuttings, tread chunking or detachment occurring on the interior butyl-liner are frequent damage scenarios. Delivery deadline problems for special tire types have to be added on top of this. Reliable repair technologies not involving wheel removal help to reduce cost and increase machine availability.
Scope of Application

  • Wheel Loaders
  • Dumpers
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Industrial trucks
  • Sidewall Repairs
  • Thread Cut Repairs